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Dec 11, 2012 7:00pm PST
congress from voting to raise taxes for 22 years, all the way back to 1990. mickey edwards was still in congress then. an eight-term representative from oklahoma, and a formidable leader among conservatives who nonetheless knew how to work with opponents to get things done. he chaired the republican policy committee, was a founding trustee of the conservative heritage foundation, and served as national chairman of the american conservative union. after redistricting by democrats cost him his seat in 1993, he taught at harvard and princeton, became vice president of the aspen institute, and wrote this book: "reclaiming conservatism: how a great american political movement got lost--and how it can find its way back." now he's out with another book, one calling for real, even radical, change: "the parties versus the people: how to turn republicans and democrats into americans." mickey edwards, welcome. >> thanks, bill. it's good to see you again. >> and congratulations on the book, although i can't imagine it's made you the most popular visitor to the house republican caucus. >> not at
Dec 11, 2012 7:00pm EST
day since i took office in 2009. that comes to 143,000 over paid workers. let's talk to chris edwards director of tax and policy at the kato institute. but besides this number 143,000 workers, when everybody has basketball getting laid off. average civilian pay, average federal workday, $134,000. that is $32,000 more than the average pay. that is astonishing. >> if you look at total compensation, the average worker does $124,000 a year versus $68,000 a year. the benefits are amazing. they get a 401(k) styled pension and they get high job security. they are laid off one quarter of the rate that high workers are. we don't want to draw the best and most skilled workers in washington. >> it is interesting to me, people seem to know this. 67% of us think that the people in the private sector work harder than those in the public sector. the federal workforce has more machine money. we are supposed to be having budget cuts. why isn't anyone looking for it. this is one of the areas where republicans have pushed for spending restraint. there is a lot of money here. federal workers outside of t
Dec 11, 2012 6:30pm PST
último concierto en monto wroi recibió disco de oro por altas ventas. >>> y según el actor edward james olmos tenía potencial hasta para ganar un Óscar, el actor que la contrató para una película dijo que su actuación lo dejó impactado que lo hizo llorar de emoción en el filme que podremos ver en abril interpreta a una adicta que intenta ayudar a su hija en problema, sabemos que nunca ha antes había incursionado en el cine y ella misma contrató un maestro de actuación. >>> y para terminar... plasmó su sentimiento por la muerte de jenni rivera ahí lo ven se puede ver a la diva de la
Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
. obviously to rob the place. the manager, edward turner decided not on my watch. he reaches over and takes the gun. >> whoa! . >> that was a ninja move, man. >> well that was awesome. and the set-up of the store is to his advantage. because they only had that small little area to stick their hands in. >> and with a quick move like that he was able to steal the gun and still be kind of separated from these guys. >> and that was really brave. the gun was pointed at him. once he reached, the trigger could have pulled and shot him. fortunately nobody was injured. they got away with no money. kshb talked to the manager after the last robbery and this is what he said. >> while we are alive we're painting a picture of what we want tomorrow to look like. and that's what i want tomorrow to look like. >> even if they say that's not what you're supposed to do, you go the to respect what he does. >> and you always say on the show, i wish the robber's mother recognizes him and turns him in. that's what exactly happened in this case because one of the guy's mom recognized him. >> even though there
Dec 11, 2012 9:00pm PST
landed the edward air force base this may landing back at the cape. >>> well another glimpse that the future from the san francisco 49ers tonight. the team announced a deal to pack their new santa clara stadium with game changing technology. cooep a explains what that means for fans. >> they say sony will help make the new santa clara stayed automatic lead intercutting edge technology and give fans a unique game day experience. this is just one example of what the global consumer electronic company is bringing to the table or in this case the stadium. 4 k led monitor. this is 84 inch version on display at the sony store in the stanford shopping center. there will be 2500 4 k monitor throughout the new facility giving fans a view that is 4 times higher resolution than standard hd tv you can immanuel those types of display throughout the stadium giving fans replay crabtree tip-toeing on the side line better view of the replay than referee in real time. >>reporter: forty-niner ceo york long said the stadium isn't about big screens and score board but software driven state of the art
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
televisión totalmente en ingleés. tenía su marca de zapatos y perfumes y ropa. filmó con edward james. el desenlace sorprendió a todos e incluso podría ser nomninada a un oscar. >>> será estrenada en 2013. no puede dejar de comparar los legados de ambas. >>> selena abrió la puerta, jenni subió al estante. >>> si ella no dejó esto por escrito habrán peleas que complicarán la situacióny no dudo que seguirá siendo controversial. >>> con respecto a su fortuna, ha estado aumentando considerablemente. hay mucha expectativa con respecto a eso. esa es toda la información y ahora regresamos a los estudios. >>> muchas gracias por el informe en vivo y tenemos más para ustedes en vivo y ordrigo y raúl nos cuentan. >>> gracias por la información satcha pretto. >>> minuto a minuto seguimos con el festejo de la virgen de guadalupe y vamos a lakewood con luis sandoval y chiquibaby que están con nosotros celebrando en todo el mundo católico en general. >>> es el dia de la virgen de guadalupe al triple por ser 12/12/12. >>> ayer se volvieron a llevar a cabo las mañanitas y imagínense,
Dec 12, 2012 7:30am EST
of them. and, of course, marvin kalb, who is the edward r. murrow professor emeritus at the harvard school of government and to contribute news analyst for npr and fox news channel, and is frequently called upon to comment on major issues of the day by many other leading organizations, and also he is very dear to her heart here at afsa. history to serve as moderator and has done a superb job every time. very happy to have you back, marvin. thank you so much. let me just go back and say just a word about the in depth knowledge, the skill, the dedication and perseverance of each of you present today, who worked on the negotiating team for the process that led up to it. really did not just bring this to tuition -- fruition. it required outstanding diplomacy and capacity to balance the risks and demand of piece and the sort of okay security environment of the cold war period, which perhaps most people to remember, but perhaps some do not. so before turning the program over to marvin though, i would just like to mention, we have a new book that is very pertinent to the subject in our boo
Dec 12, 2012 9:00am EST
later graduated from edward little high school in auburn, maine, and subsequently attended the university of maine where in 1969 she earned a degree in political science. it was also in college that she met peter snowe. peter shared olympia's passion for politics. they married shortly after graduation, and in 1972, peter was elected to the state legislature while olympia went to work as a legislative staffer for maine congressman bill coen. now, the young couple seemed well on their way to building a life together, but in 1973, in the midst of a winter snowstorm, tragedy struck. peter was killed in a car crash. at a still young age, so limb yeah was left to build a life for herself. what could have marked the end of her political aspirations became a new beginning instead. as olympia once put it, she resolved to make a positive out of a terrible negative. she ran for office in the special election held to fill her late husband's seat and won. it was the start of a long and distinguished career in public service. olympia was subsequently re-elected to the maine house in 1974 and
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)